Enabling the transition to Zero-Emission: EVs, Batteries, & Hydrogen

Fleets to reduce your greenhouse gasses “GHG “
Volta-H2 Group mission is to help decarbonize and electrification of New Zealand and Australia. We can help you convert to an emission-free future by supplying complete end-to-end emission-free solutions ie Batteries and solid-state Storage systems, EVs, batteries or Hydrogen to power your electric or Hydrogen vehicles. EV Charging and later Hydrogen refueling to supply H2 energy at a much lower price than today.

Enabling the transition to Zero-Emission: Commercial vehicles – Local Government Farmers and business: commercial EV’s ,Batteries , Hydrogen.

Government Depts, Councils, and business We can help you reduce your greenhouse gasses. “GHG”
Volta-H2 Group Volta-H2 Group mission is to help you build your decarbonization and electrification to become emission Free by converting your commercial fleet to electric or H2 ( emission-free vehicles), by supplying complete end-to-end emission-free solutions :
Commerical vehicles, Battery Storage systems, Solid-State Hydrogen systems , – Battery and solar storage systems for electric vehicles or hydrogen and buildings. Including EV Electric/ Solar or Hydrogen onsite Rapid refueling stations. Electric/Hydrogen-Electric vehicles and “Solar power onsite. which includes electric Vehicles , Hybrid engines for Trucks, Buses, heavy machinery, trains, etc at a fair price. in New Zealand and Australia achieve its carbon emissions targets by 2040 as detailed in the New Zealand Climate Change Commission report

Green hydrogen is the only true net-zero energy available on the market, making it the best solution to tackle the carbon crisis and create a clean, green future that’s fit for purpose.

Hydrogen is the most abundant clean energy in the universe. 73% of the Sun is made up of hydrogen.

Pound for pound, hydrogen contains 3X as much energy as natural gas or gasoline, and 200X as much energy as an lithium-ion batteries.

H2 can be used in fuel cells to power electric vehicles or cities.
Also it can be combusted in gas turbines or internal combustion engines.
It is a zero-emission clean fuel and produces only water vapor when used.
Volta-H2 group is working with Global partners to bring to New Zealand and Australia cutting-edge Hydrogen storage & transportation system technologies and solarH2 to lower the cost of Green Hydrogen.

Solar Hydrogen or natural Hydrogen
For centuries, scientists have known how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a simple and elegant device called an electrolyzer.
Unfortunately, electrolyzers are generally very expensive to make, as they use expensive rare earth materials such as platinum and iridium – These materials can account for up to 50% of the cost of electrolyzers.
Volta-H2 Group will bring to New Zealand breakthrough hydrogen devices including Solar Hydrogen technologies to significantly reduce the cost of hydrogen by using abundant and low-cost materials to help usher in a Green Hydrogen economy that Goldman Sachs estimated to be worth $12 trillion by 2050.
Hydrogen is the clean energy carrier that is making the transport industry–from automotive, rail, aircraft to shipping-sit up and take notice: Says Airbus VP of Zero-Emissions Aircraft Glenn Llewellyn. He also says Airbus, strongly believes renewable energy needs to power future aviation. And hydrogen is potentially the best pathway through which to do so.

How we can help:

We will soon be able to supply Green energy and products at fair prices including:

We are working with partners to supply Batteries and developed World’s class HYDROGEN’ cutting edge electrolysis an On-Site Solar production of Hydrogen designed to reduce the cost of Green Hydrogen decentralized hydrogen production to lower the cost of Hydrogen to less than $3 a compressed kg.

Also Conversion for Cars, Trucks, Utes , buses & tractors, and most heavy machinery to Electric or Hydrogen:

Green hydrogen

Why Green Hydrogen is getting so popular today :

Falling solar and wind power costs have renewed clean hydrogen hopes. As nations do the hard math on how to meet their climate goals, green hydrogen increasingly appears essential.

Hydrogen has always been an intriguing possible replacement for fossil fuels. It burns cleanly, emitting no carbon dioxide; it’s energy-dense, so it’s a good way to store power from on-and-off renewable sources, and you can make liquid synthetic fuels that are drop-in replacements for gasoline or diesel. But most hydrogen up to now has been made from natural gas; the process is dirty and energy-intensive. The rapidly dropping cost of solar and wind power now means green hydrogen is now cheap enough to be practical. Simply zap water with electricity, and presto, you’ve got hydrogen. Europe is leading the way, beginning to build the needed infrastructure. according to Peter Fairley of www.technologyreview.com/ (the top 10 breakthrough technologies of 2021), argues that such projects are just a first step to an envisioned global network of electrolysis plants that run on solar and wind power, churning out clean hydrogen.

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How are we different?


Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in Zero emissions technologies, EV’s, EV charging, Solar, Hydrogen, Solid-state H2 & Battery storage, products, and services worldwide


Over decades, we have been excessively consuming coal, crude oil and natural gas, releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Volta-H2 Group’s mission is to replace these fossil fuels with sustainable renewable energy and solar

Core strength

The Volta-H2 Group, the New Zealand Zero Emissions Company“ We supply in New Zealand and Australia Leading EV’S , chargers, battery storage systems and hydrogen storage systems, Solar, H2 Infrastructure, and zero emissions energy-saving technologies

Solar, Windmills and Battery storage
Hydrogen H2 Truck
Mullen- Bollinger Electric trucks

Efficient energy for everyone

With Solar Panels, Solar Windows and Hydrogen, you will be able to turn your house or building into a power station and eliminate all energy bills forever, and in fact make money selling your excess energy go to our ZeroSolar website at www.zerosolar.net