ACRIMOTO full-electric “FUV” launches in New Zealand Oct 2021

ZEROBIKES & EV Technologies plans to start distributing the ACRIMOTO “FUV” Fun Utility Vehicle in New Zealand from Oct 2021.

Acrimoto Inc Designs , develops, manufactures, sells, and leases three-wheeled electric vehicles in U.S.A. now in New Zealand from Oct2021 Emission Free travel at the lowest costs per km in NZ

Also meets the NZ Govts new EV incentive requirements for emission-free travel says Colin of ZeroBikes and EV’s.

Acrimoto’s Flagship product is the Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) which delivers a thrilling ride experience comfort for two passengers with cargo, parking and operations. Acrimotots’s products also comprise Rapid Responder designed to perform Fire ,emergency, security, and law enforcement services: Deliverator, an electric last-kilometer delivery solution to get goods where they need to go, Cameo and FUV equipped with rear-facing seat and modified roof for on-road filming; and Arcimoto Roadster and unparalleled pure-electric on-road thrill machine.

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