Bloom and Shell to scope out green hydrogen energy opportunities

source March 8, 20240 By TAMI HOOD

The companies plan to find solutions for large-scale decarbonization using Bloom’s H2 tech.

Bloom Energy Inc. (NYSE:BE) and Shell Plc. have joined forces to search for opportunities to establish large-scale green hydrogen energy projects that can make use of Bloom’s innovative hydrogen electrolyzer tech.

Their goal: develop large-scale solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC) systems that can be replicated and can generate H2 that can potentially be utilized at Shell assets.

Advancing, emergent, beneficial SOEC tech

Bloom Energy sees itself as the global leader in SOEC technology. A solid oxide electrolyzer cell is composed of three things: an anode, cathode, and electrolyte. Together, they generate green hydrogen from renewable power. In short, a SOEC is a stack of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that operate in reverse or in regenerative mode to achieve electrolysis.

What makes this tech noteworthy?
According to Bloom Energy, compared to alternative technologies, solid oxide cells provide better efficiency on the whole. This essentially means it takes less power to facilitate the desired reaction.

Ultimately, Bloom’s hydrogen tech is efficient, reliable, proven and low cost. By partnering with Shell, the company will have the support to advance decarbonization opportunities for its emergent SOEC tech.

Green hydrogen energy could be the solution for hard to abate industry sectors.

Heavy-duty transportation, steelmaking, mining, and aviation are all examples of industries that cannot easily cut their carbon footprint with electric batteries. These industries need large-scale clean energy solutions to decarbonize. Bloom’s SOEC technology could be the answer.

Its technology can generate green hydrogen at scale to replace current grey (fossil-fuel powered) hydrogen supplies. Generating hydrogen via renewable energy eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.

Solutions for America.

Bloom proudly makes its green hydrogen proprietary technology in America. The Bloom Electrolyzer is manufactured in Delaware and California, the latter state also being the nation’s leading hydrogen economy.

Green hydrogen - Made in America

Demand for Bloom’s tech has been increasing as more companies and governments seek low carbon energy alternatives.

Shell’s H2 supply complications.

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Who knows, perhaps this green hydrogen project collab will be good news for Shell’s future hydrogen endeavors. Last month, the oil and gas giant permanently shuttered all its California hydrogen refueling stations, citing hydrogen supply complications as one of the reasons.

Though Shell only ran 7 of the 55 stations that currently operate in the state, who’s to say the other stations won’t also run into similar supply shortages. Large-scale green hydrogen projects could be the solution to prevent shortages.

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