About Us

Volta-H2 Group Limited

Volta-H2 the Zero-Emission Innovators: We bring Zero-Emissions Technologies to you Helping New Zealand’s & Australian transition of decarbonising technologies including battery ,Storage, and Hydrogen.

NZ leading pioneer of Renewables- Storage and delivery ” EV’s, battery storage, Chargers , solar and Hydrogen

Over decades, we have been excessively consuming coal, crude oil and natural gas, releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. VoltaH2 Group’s mission is to replace these fossil fuels with renewable energy and electricity.

VoltaH2 Group’s mission is to supply New Zealand and Australia with zero-emissions energy, vehicles, and equipment including conversions to Electric, Hydrogen, and Solar Hydrogen technologies to help New Zealand build a sustainable future.


VoltaH2 technology tackles one of the biggest pain points for the logistics and transportation industry: how to lower emissions without having to fully replace all existing assets and infrastructure – a move that is cost-prohibitive for many companies. Volta-H2 Conversion Solution transforms existing fleets and delivers the desired efficiency impact: zero or even negative emissions with significantly reduced operating costs over time.

Commercial electrification or Hydrogenization isn’t a simple step to take. That’s why we bring you the breadth and depth of solutions so you can focus on your operations instead. 

We leverage our team of engineers, and EV specialists to look critically at every aspect of your problem and propose a solution tailored uniquely to your needs. For us, it’s never one-size-fits-all; every project demands a unique approach. And when it comes to implementing that approach, we’re here to support you at every step of the way. 

EV’s and Electrification battery storage, and Hydrogen solutions

Volta-H2 Group Coy’s bringing decarbonisation technologies to you today . We supply Electric Vehicles, custom conversions solutions for buses, trucks cars and also Battery systems for small and large Solar and wind farms. Also Leading Renewable hydrogen and battery storage and delivery systems at a lower cost. We are also working with those developing leading edge Solar Hydrogen technologies expected within 5 years , we help energy-intensive industries, houses and climate-conscious businesses to decarbonize entire value chains: From logistics over material inputs to energy supply.

Our Mission

Every Kilometer Matters:

Global warming from carbon emissions is the greatest threat this planet has ever faced. The only way to face it is to rethink everything. How we drive, how we eat, how we shop, how we live.

Our mission to provide a pivotal role in the decarbonisation and electrification of New Zealand’s transportation system. We believe that will only happen when we move away from oversized, overpriced, hydrocarbon polluting vehicles to the right-sized, Battery storage systems and Hydrogen storage systems. This is our vision for the future of sustainable energy and transportation. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Our Solution

Our vision is ” Zero Emission transportation, homes and buildings that are affordable. To build or supply the most reliable, efficient, and best value Zero Emission fuels, products, EV’s, hydrogen-electric Hybrid vehicles, and engines in New Zealand and Australia.

Volta -Zero mission is to build and distribute the world’s first Ultra Light Hydrogen fuel cell- battery hybrid Car and engines to help convert New Zealand light and heavy trucks from Diesel to Hydrogen fuel cell hybrids for businesses, Government, Councils, and truck operators as well as leading and Solar equipment.(perovskite and solar windows.

We are more than just a Green Energy supply co.

VoltaH2 Group Ltd includes Volta Automotive Ltd , Zeroh2 Motors Ltd was founded in 2019 to pioneer Zero Emission Innovations in New Zealand and Australia leading the way with -sustainable energy and solutions for a sustainable future.

VoltaH2  mission is to become the leading supplier in New Zealand of quality zero-emission products including EV’S, Batteries, chargers, Hydrogen fuel cell Hybrids, EV’s H2 Solar, including supplying Fuel cell-battery hybrids to OEM for Tractors, Buses and truck Electrification & H2 conversions

Through Synergistically collaborative projects and products sourced from worldwide partnerships in U.S.A, China, Germany, and India.

The market is demanding cleaner, greener, renewable energies as countries have to lower their “greenhouse gas emissions” to meet their Paris 2016 Agreement commitments by 2050. We are witnessing a seismic shift in attitude and philosophy. The implications of this shift will have major ramifications for all energy and technology going forward.


Pioneers in Green Energy

VOLTA-H2 Group “Zero-Emission Innovations” We supply the best value green energy innovative technologies in New Zealand

EV ‘s, Hybrids and Hydrogen including Hydrogen solar hydrogen onsite refueling Solar Panels & Solar windows/solar paint

EV, Batteries, H2 fuel cell Battery hybrid engines for Trucks, Buses, Utes, SUV , and Cars

Management Pillars

Our Team: a strong team with years of experience we have gathered experts from various fields who are leading innovation in their respective industries – from the world’s leading break-through hydrogen technologies and EV’s. Our goal is to make clean and safe energy which is a financially viable choice while helping people to socially and economically uplift others.

Colin Middleton BCA

CEO Founder

Colin Co-Founder an accountant and serial entrepreneur with 40 years of financial and business management experience, including with PWC & EY and also with startups in Nutritionals and Green Tech, EVs, Colin will lead the team at Volta-H2 Group.

Carl Van den Heuvel

Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

Carl brings considerable auto electrical and mechanical experience including design and project management learnt over many years including with Agplus recently in Te Aroha.

Andrew Carroll

Chairman& Advisor

Andrew advisor and businessman with a background in advanced technologies. Andrew has a passion for Decarbonisation and Electrification- Hydrogen technologies.