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Volta-Zero group & H2 Hybrid Ltd help Governments departmets , Councils, companies, and households with the transition to the world’s leading green energy solutions Volta Zero has the world’s leading clean energy consultants to advise on your best options Hydrogen HHO Kits ,EV’s, Batteries, Solar-Hydrogen solutions and more call 0800 400 900 today

Renewables Everywhere

A world without fossil fuels

Over decades, we have been excessively consuming coal, crude oil and natural gas, releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Volta Zero Group’s mission is to replace these fossil fuels with renewable energy and EV’s, H2 and Solar electricity

Hydrogen , EV batteries & Solar

Volta Zero group’s mission is to supply New Zealand with zero-emissions technologies, HHO Kits , batteries, H2-Solar and equipment including conversions to Electric or Hydrogen technologies to help New Zealand build a sustainable future.

Volta Zero group brings renewables everywhere. Our EV’s, Batteries, and our electrolyzers to produce renewable Hydrogen from clean green renewable energy ie Geothermal. Hydro, solar electricity. And with H2 electrolysis solutions, we help energy-intensive industries and climate-conscious businesses and homeowners to decarbonize entire value chains: From logistics over material inputs to energy supply. For best priced Solar go to now

Eco-friendly solutions

Electricity Efficiency

Save on energy

Alternative Energy


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REDUCE in Emissions

Consulting for Companies

Volta Zero group as well as having some of the world’s leading green energy consultants, we also work with the leading worldwide suppliers of green energy solutions to make sure you get the best to suits your needs

Consulting for Houses

As energy consultants, we collaborate with leading green energy suppliers .

Alternative solutions

Volta-Zero is world’s leading green energy consultants, we work with the leading green energy suppliers to make sure you get the best to suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit my company??

Coming soon a show room in our offices/warehouse/conversions locations in Te Aroha and Adeliade SA where you can visit: check this space for address soon

What green energy offers do you have?

We offer the best one stop location for every green energy product or fuel

HHO Kits Hybrid-Hydrogen Conversions of Buses ,Trucks, Vans, utes and Cars New Zealand best value

Hydrogen Electrolysis equipment from very small to very large

World’s leading EV Conversions at NZ Best prices

and more to come

How much does it cost ?

It all depends on your requirements, give us a call to find out you will be pleasantly surprised.


Eco Consultant

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