New Products 2022-25

  1. News Release 1 : Cenntro ATV -ORV All- Terrain- Vehicle available June 2022 The best value all Electric( Li- Ion battery) ATV in NEW ZEALAND. for more information including specifications and pricing check out from May 2022
Aoraki over Lake Pukaki, Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand

  1. News release 2: Li- Lon Truck & Bus Electrification Battery packs & large Solar/wind storage systems available in New Zealand from 4th Qtr 2022

As demand for renewable electricity surges so too does the demand for efficient, safe, and sustainable storage systems

VOLTA Systems NZ ltd ( a Volta Zero Group Co.) will bring to New Zealand from mid-2022 the world’s leading Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fast-charging stations( Tritium)

VOLTA battery cells and packs can be used to electrify medium to large-sized vehicles (Buses, trucks, vans ) to electric.

Storing energy from Hydro, Solar, wind & geothermal sources:

Energy Storage Focused on High Performance Applications

Li-Ion batteries can play a powerful role in energy storage in the following applications. Solar, Wind and more.

As well as those looking for energy storage solutions from small businesses to large Utility companies. Volta energy storage solutions can provide fast charging capabilities for fleets vehicles but also sustainable power to businesses looking for backup solutions in the event of power outages from the grid or in the event of a natural disaster ie an earthquake.

Volta FLEX

Also cenntro(r) commercial electric vehicles in particular tHE tEeMak atv All-electric, purpose-built as off-road utility task vehicle (UTV) or side-by-side vehicle

Cenntro ATV-ORV is designed to meet the demands of farmers, vineyards, kiwifruit farma ,fruit orchards, corporate campuses, warehouses, construction sites and also for trailing and hunting.

The All-Terrain off-road vehicle (ORV) engineered for use on a farm, parks, campus, resort, hunting ground, vineyard, and where can be used for recreational or utility purposes.

Cenntro ATV is an easy choice for a range of activities including farming, horticulture, agricultural contracting, beekeeping, adventure tourism, hunting, and all manner of recreational pursuits. Also for campuses, warehouse and construction sites available mid-2022

Cenntro ATV- ORV

Electrification -Battery Conversion of Buses & Trucks Coming 2022-23:

Battery Hybrid Truck conversion

Typical full EV solutions require complex infrastructure we simplify this as we have both the world’s most advanced Li-Ion battery packs and electric engines.

The VOLTA Electric hybrid Bus & truck Powertrain is a Volta-Mvast mv -b pack 42.8k drivetrain for Bus or truck that partly recharges itself by efficient en-route braking charging and uses its batteries to store the energy for use for acceleration.

Volta-MV battery Hybrid powered Powertrain (expected early 2023)

VOLTA’s technology tackles one of the biggest pain points for the logistics and transportation industry: how to lower emissions without having to fully replace all existing assets and infrastructure – a move that is cost-prohibitive for many companies. The Volta solution transforms existing Buses and fleets and delivers the desired efficiency impact: zero or even negative emissions with significantly reduced operating costs over time.

High-valued assets should be used frequently and efficiently to maximize the owner’s return on investment. To minimize the total cost of ownership, the best battery chemistry and system-level performance can be tailored to optimize the application’s operational requirements and lowers the total ownership costs.

ZEROSOLAR LTD Launched Feb 2022 Waikato’s leading Solar retailer & installer Waikato’s Best Value Solar check out the website

Expecting New higher performance photovoltaic efficiencies ie all-inorganic Perovskite Solar cells to be available from 2023 onwards

SOLAR PANELS, INVERTERS , BATTERIES & EV Chargers Best prices guaranteed

Solar Panels due Nov 2021

Future New Green technology to Distributed in NEW ZEALAND Only- Volta Zero Group and ZeroH2 Motors Ltd

Electric vehicles, Hydrogen-powered vehicles. and solar systems

Vertical VX4 e-VTOL (example only)

Vertical VTOL VX4

Also the Hydrogen powered PARAGON Soar

Paragon looks to Hydrogen engine for ultra-long-range Soar E-VTOL

  • Estimated delivery 2024 contingent upon FAA, EASA & CAA approval
  • Full scale validation testing  2022
  • Proprietary Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Frost resistant airframe
  • Hybrid electric propulsion
  • 70 decibel engine
  • 500 hp electric motor per ducted unit
  • 5 passenger+ plus pilot
  • Micro propellers for reduced noise during take off and landing
  • 500 mile+ range 
  • * The photo is a rendering of our actual VTOL under development. Final version will be based on an FAA approved airframe which may alter the commercial ready VTOL

Future Electric vehicles, chargers, Battery’s or H2 coming from mid 2022

Metro Electric Truck available 2022

Metro is a unique street-legal light electric commercial vehicle designed for urban scenarios such as intracity delivery and similar services. Cenntro started trial production of Metro in 2017 and has produced and sold more than 3,900 so far. Currently, Metro is mostly sold in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Israel. but will come to NEW ZEALAND late 2022

Tritium Fast Charging System coming June 22 

Tritium Fast chargers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell engines (expected 2022)

Nuvera H2 fuel cell engines available from Mar 2022
Cenntro ATV- ORV all electric farm vehicle
The Aquarius Free-Piston-Linear-Engine which now operates 100% on Hydrogen, without the need for fuel cells. Credit: David Katz
Mullen QIANTU K50 Electric Sportscar coming 2024-5