New Products 2024-26

  1. Volta Automotive Custom Electrification solutions available from May 2024
Volta Autos Custom 1987 Range Rover Electrification project starts May 2024

  1. H2-HYBRID HHO KITS “Hydrogen on Demand” kits will be Available late March 2024

As demand for renewable electricity surges as does the demand for efficient, safe, and sustainable storage systems

VOLTA Automotive Ltd ( a Volta-H2 Group Coy.) will bring to New Zealand from late-2024 the world’s leading Conversions to Electric with Lithium Batteries

VOLTA Autos battery cells and packs can be used to electrify medium to large-sized vehicles (Buses, trucks, vans ) to electric.

Storing energy from Hydro, Solar, wind & geothermal sources:

The sound of a H2 Powered engine

Netgain WarP & Hyper 9 SRIPM permanent magnet motors are the world’s best EV Conversion motors “Made in USA “

Netgain Hyper 9 IS- SRIPM (permanent magnet) Integrated system Motor Kit

Hyper 9 IS– SRIPM Integrated system ” Motor Kit”

Includes HyPer 9 IS- SRIPM- Motor, HyperDrive XI Controllers, GV220QA-1 Contactor :    

The HyPer 9 Integrated System™ (IS) is the ideal power-train for any light to mid-weight daily driver. Combine multiple systems for heavy-weight and racing vehicles. Its “SRIPM” Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) platform delivers outstanding torque and efficiency, generating higher power per pound than any other motor in its class. The HyPer 9 IS™ includes the 100V brushless HyPer 9™ Motor, HyPer-Drive X1™ Controller/Inverter, SmartView Programming Software, Low Voltage Wire Harness Kit, and Main Contactor. This system has many unique features that set it apart from any other EV solution on the market. Industry Leading 3 Phase SRIPM Motor and Controller/Inverter

DC supply voltage from 62V to 130V, and current up to 750A Peak

Brushless Motor

Cageless Rotor – Higher efficiency, no heat from wasted energy

Synchronous Fields – Full torque is harnessed without Rotor Slip

Up to 95% Efficiency!

Up to 50% higher torque than similar-sized AC Induction motors running at the same power levels!

Astounding performance in field weakening area with +50% power up to 5 times nominal speed

Ultra compact controller

Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm optimized specifically for Synchronous Reluctance Internatl Permanent Magnet motors

Fully customizable controller I/O

Extensive program customization from PC with Smartview Software

Robust and Reliable

The Drive End (DE) shaft is 1.125″ in diameter with a 1/4″ keyway.


• Voltage: 144V Nominal
• Current: 500 Amp
• Efficiency Peak: 95%
kW Peak : 90 @ 170V
• kW Continuous: 38 @ 3,600RPM
• RPM Peak: 8,000
Torque: 162 lbs.-ft. @ 0 RPM
• Regen: Yes, Tailorable
• Motor Diameter: 8.66”
• Motor Length: 13.976”
• Motor Weight: 130 lbs.
• Controller Weight: 9 lbs.
• Shaft: Single Ended, Keyed
• Mounting: B-Face (WarP 9™ )
• Insulation: Class “H”
• Software: SmartView

HyPer-Drive X1  – SRIPM Motor Controller/Inverter

Equipped with the latest technology in power electronics, our HyPer-Drive X1  Controller can drive SRIPM motors in a wide range of applications up to 85kw peak power. The X1 is the only controller capable of powering the SRIPM technology in our HyPer 9  Motor. The X1 can also be configured to control most AC Induction and Permanent Magnet motors!


HYDROX SYSTEMS HHO KITS “H2 ON DEMAND” Available from April 2024

Energy Storage Focused on High-Performance Applications

lITHIUM batteries – LiFePO4 can play a powerful role in energy storage in the following applications. Car, Trucks and Tractor Conversions and Solar, Wind as well.

As well CAN supply leading Battery storage packs for Vehicle Conversions and energy storage solutions from small businesses to large Utility companies. Volta energy storage solutions can provide storage and fast charging capabilities for fleets vehicles but also sustainable power to businesses looking for backup solutions in the event of power outages from the grid or in the event of a natural disaster ie an earthquake.

Electrification – H2 Conversions of Trucks, Buses, and Tractors Coming 2025-26:

Battery Hybrid Truck conversions

Typical full EV solutions require complex infrastructure we simplify this as we have both the world’s most advanced Electric Engines and lithium battery packs.

Volta will supply H2-Hybrid electrified powertrain systems that can augment or fully replace traditional diesel- fueled powertrains. These systems are designed to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership while leveraging the existing alternative fuel infrastructure.

Hybrid Systems

The VOLTA Electric hybrid Truck & Bus Powertrain is a Volta-Lithium pack drivetrain for Buses or trucks that partly recharges itself by efficient en-route braking charging and uses its batteries to store the energy for use for acceleration.

Volta- Battery Hybrid powered Powertrain (expected early 2025-26)

VOLTA’s technology tackles one of the biggest pain points for the logistics and transportation industry: how to lower emissions without having to fully replace all existing assets and infrastructure – a move that is cost-prohibitive for many companies. The Volta solution transforms existing Truck & Bus fleets and delivers the desired efficiency impact: zero or even negative emissions with significantly reduced operating costs over time.

High-valued assets should be used frequently and efficiently to maximize the owner’s return on investment. To minimize the total cost of ownership, the best battery chemistry and system-level performance can be tailored to optimize the application’s operational requirements and lowers the total ownership costs.

Solar Hydrogen the cleanest Hydrogen from the power of the Sun ( coming 2026-30)

“the cleanest energy ever”!



Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. When hydrogen fuel is used to power transportation and industry, the only by product left behind is pure water, unlike hydrocarbon fuels that release carbon dioxide and other contaminants into the atmosphere when used.

The problem? Nearly all hydrogen today is procured through steam methane reforming (SMR), a capital-intensive process that emits carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants.


In association with partners, we are co-sponsoring the development of breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any source of water.

By optimizing the science of water electrolysis at the nano-level, our low-cost photoelectrochemical technology uses sunlight to separate hydrogen from water, making the process truly green from start to finish.


Our innovative solar hydrogen generator provides a reliable and economical alternative to conventional electrolyzers, which are expensive and energy-intensive, and very inefficient.

We aspire for our technology to be cost-competitive with brown hydrogen and below the cost of clean hydrogen competitors, clearing a path for green hydrogen to gain mass market acceptance as a true replacement for fossil fuels.

Future New-Green technology to be Distributed in NEW ZEALAND Only- Volta Automotive Ltd & H2-hybrid Ltd

HHO kits ( Hydrogen on demand Kits ) and Electric conversions Kits available from mid 2024

Vertical VX4 e-VTOL (example only)


Future Hydrogen HHO KITS Electric vehicles motors, Battery’s Available early- 2024-25

Netgain WarP & Hyper 9 SRIPM permanent magnet motors are the world’s best EV Conversion motors “Made in USA “ see above

The Aquarius Free-Piston-Linear-Engine which now operates on 100% on Hydrogen, without the need for fuel cells. Credit: David Katz
Mullen QIANTU K50 Electric Sportscar CONCEPT CAR 2025