New Products from 2022

*News release Li- LON Battery Storage systems available early 2022

As demand for renewable electricity surges, so too does the demand for efficient, safe and sustainable storage

VOLTA Systems NZ ltd ( a Zeroh2 Technologies Ltd company) will bring to New Zealand early 2022 the Li-Ion Batteries with fast charging

VOLTA battery cells and packs can be used to electrify medium to large-sized vehicles ( light trucks and buses) to electric.

As well as those looking for energy storage solutions from small businesses to large Utility companies. Volta energy storage solutions can provide fast charging capabilities for fleets vehicles but also sustainable power to businesses looking for backup solutions in the eveny of power outages from the grid or in the event of a natural disaster ie an earthquake.

Volta FLEX

Prototype Car only:
Hydrogen- fuel cell- battery hybrid h2- SLRV- concept vehicle only

Hydrogen- Fuel Cell-Battery Hybrid System Car (H2 Hybrid)

H2 Hybrid Ultra-Light Foam-Core Fuel Cell-battery Hybrid car squeezes out more kilometers at a lower cost than conventional ICE powered automobiles or EVs with no emissions. As the H2 SLRV uses significantly less energy than all others ,as it’s much lighter due to its fuel cell-battery hybrid system and foam core construction. Prototype- concept vehicle only

Hybrid (Hydrogen Fuel Cell -Battery-Hybrid) Prototype only
Powered by Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines

Hydrogen Fuel cell -Battery Hybrid Buses &Trucks Coming soon:

Fuel cell- Battery Hybrid Truck

Typical full EV solutions require a complex infrastructure and demand a lot from the power grid.

The ZEROH2 Fuel Cell- Battery HYBRID truck and bus Powertrain is a Fuel Cell -battery Hybrid drivetrain truck that partly recharges itself by efficient en-route braking charging and uses batteries to store the energy for use for acceleration.

Hydrogen FC -battery Hybrid powered Powertrain(expected from 2025-6)

ZEROSOLAR LTD Launches Feb 2022 Waikato’s leading Solar retailer & installer Waikato’s Best Value Solar check out the website

Expecting New higher performance photovoltaic efficiencies ie all-inorganic Perovskite Solar cells to be available from 2023 onwards

SOLAR PANELS, INVERTERS , BATTERIES & EV Chargers Best prices guaranteed

Solar Panels due Nov 2021

Future Distributors for NEW ZEALAND Only- ZEROH2 Motors Ltd

Electric vehicles, Hydrogen-powered vehicles. and solar systems

Made in U.S.A.

Sour Longest Range Vtol (example only)

Paragon H2 Soar by the numbers

  • Estimated delivery 2024 contingent upon FAA, EASA & CAA approval
  • Full scale validation testing  2022
  • Proprietary Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Frost resistant airframe
  • Hybrid electric propulsion
  • 70 decibel engine
  • 500 hp electric motor per ducted unit
  • 5 passenger+ plus pilot
  • Micro propellers for reduced noise during take off and landing
  • 500 mile+ range 
  • * The photo is a rendering of our actual VTOL under development. Final version will be based on an FAA approved airframe which may alter the commercial ready VTOL

Also Solar- Hydrogen on-site rapid refueling ( using world-leading cutting edge solar direct water-splitting technologies) which is being developed but unlikely to be available until 2026-27

Examples of EV Trucks, Cars and e-VTOLs From here below (for information purposes only)

Workhorse Last minute delivery van available 2022/23

The C 650 and C 1000 are revolutionary step vans built with composite lightweight bodies that provide best-in-class MPGe. Utilizing the industry’s first 4-wheel independent suspension system that includes rear air shocks and providing an unparalleled smooth ride for the driver and the load.

ATLIS XT Pickup first electric work truck with 500-mile battery recharge in 15 minutes(available 2023-24)

The ATLIS XT pickup prototype is the first electric work truck in development with a 300, 400 or 500-mile battery that will recharge in less than 15 minutes.
The ATLIS XT pickup prototype is the first electric work truck in development with a 300, 400 or 500-mile battery that will recharge in less than 15 minutes.

Atlis Motor Vehicles Reveals Design Of Pre-Production XT Pickup

– 500-mile range electric work truck will recharge in less than 15 minutes

– Designed specifically for the toughest work environments and towing use cases

MESA, Ariz., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Atlis Motor Vehicles (ATLIS) revealed the functional prototype XT pickup, a purpose-built 100% electric truck designed to power work. This is the first electric work truck in development with a 300, 400 or 500-mile battery that will recharge in less than 15 minutes.

The XT pickup, built on the XP platform, offers a strong base for customization. From service body to flatbed upfits, it can be configured to meet the specific needs of fleet owners, small businesses, and tradespeople, allowing them to bring everything needed to the field.

“Atlia are out to change the work truck market. The goal is to create an electric pickup with the performance characteristics of a ¾-ton diesel that can quickly be recharged,” said Mark Hanchett, ATLIS founder and CEO.  “We’ve focused on the design features our target market cares most about – maximizing functionality, storage, capability, and passenger comfort to create the best possible ownership experience

Unlike other trucks, the XT step is integrated in the structure of the platform and extends along both sides of the vehicle, providing easy access to the bed and accessories.

Extra-large door handles are integrated into the door panels with no moving mechanism to ensure durability and ease of use while wearing work gloves.

The XT has a unique air sprung suspension design with dynamic damping capabilities that adjust to the vehicle load. This helps deliver a consistent and comfortable driving experience every time, regardless of the environment. The air suspension system also assists with loading and unloading the truck by lowering it for easy access.

The XT pickup’s bed is available in 6.5 and 8-ft and comes standard with a spray-in bed liner. The bed mounted power outlets host a variety of built-in functionality, including four 120V outlets/30-amp, two USB A ports and two USB C ports to allow customers to plug in all ancillary devices while in the field.  One 240V/50-amp hookup will power tools that require a higher voltage, such as a welder.  A pneumatic hookup will power any pneumatic tools allowing customers to bring their entire shop into the field, eliminating the need for any type of infrastructure to get the job done.

Battery Charging 
The XT is equipped with a CCS charge port as well as an AAC/1.5-megawatt charge port on along the front left side of the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to utilize the existing charging infrastructure and leverage the J1172 port to recharge on a standard 120 or 240 V outlet and be able to ultra-fast charge using the AAC port in less than 15 minutes.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell engines (expected 2022)

Nuvera H2 fuel cell engines available from Mar 2022

Edison Future EV Pickup truck (EXAMPLE ONLY)

An Elite, Zero Emission EV with cutting edge Solor panels coming 2024

EdisonFuture EF1-T Aims for the Tesla Cybertruck

This EV start-up is betting on solar panels to deliver quite a boost in range.

  • The EdisonFuture EF1-T, shown at the 2021 LA auto show, promises a tri-motor setup and up to 450 miles of range, with a planned production start in 2024.
  • The large four-door pickup with a 6.5-foot bed features an extending solar panel cover for the bed
  • The EV start-up is backed by SPI Energy and plans a lineup of three versions of the pickup, along with a panel van.
  • EdisonFuture’s LA auto show concept, dubbed EF1-T, promises a range of up to 450 miles in tri-motor form, in addition to a 3000-lb payload and a solar roof designed to deliver as much as 25 to 35 miles of range per day, provided you live somewhere sunny. It’s not just the roof of the cabin that’s designed to soak up the sun, as you’ll note the truck features a telescoping solar louver system that can extend all the way to the tailgate. The system, dubbed Armadillo Armor, doubles as a safety cover to protect the contents of the 6.5-foot bed.
The Aquarius Free-Piston-Linear-Engine which now operates 100% on Hydrogen, without the need for fuel cells. Credit: David Katz

ATLIS Eelctric XT Pickup Truck